Woolworths South Africa

Woolworths South Africa

The first Woolworths store opened its doors to the public in Cape Town in October 1931. Since then, we’ve been building on our reputation for superior quality, exciting innovation and excellent value.

Founder Max Sonnenberg faced uncertain economic times when he captured the public’s imagination with a dynamic store policy that set Woolworths apart from its competitors. Three years later, a second branch opened in Durban, with another two in Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg a year later. Over the past 80 years, our unique formula has seen the number of stores grow to over 400 across South Africa, Africa and the Middle East.

Keen to attract and retain the best retail professionals, Woolworths was among the first local retailers to offer employees a pension fund, medical aid and maternity leave.

Not just a forward thinking employer, Woolworths was also an early adopter of technology. A lease agreement for the first computer was agreed to with National Cash Registers (NCR) in the late 60s, and Woolworths was already using a computerised merchandising system by the early 1970s.

This dynamic thinking extends to Woolworths product offering as well. For example, in 1974, Woolworths became the first South African retailer to introduce ‘sell by’ dates on food packaging. Convenience, too, has long been a watchword at Woolworths: we were the first South African retailer to offer pre-washed lettuce and machine-washable wool clothing to consumers.

Throughout our 80-year history, though Woolworths has grown, evolved and adapted to the changing world, the brand has remained true to its core values of quality and style, service, integrity, value, energy, innovation and sustainability.

In April 2007, we launched our Good business journey – a bold plan to make a difference in four key areas on our journey towards sustainability. Our comprehensive plan sets targets across four priority areas: transformation, social development, the environment and climate change. We are exceedingly proud to have been named international Responsible Retailer of the year in 2008 and 2010 in recognition of our efforts to help shape a better future for generations to come.


Woolworths Career Options

In the dynamic world of Woolworths retail, careers can be developed in a number of specialist areas including Foods, Clothing, Homeware, Buying, Planning and Technology, and opportunities leading to General Management in Stores and Head Office.  Support areas include careers in Administration, Finance, Information Systems, Audit, Marketing, Corporate Governance and Human Resources.

If you require any assistance using our site, please contact us on 0861 227337 / 0861 Career.

See detailed below some of the exciting Career Options at Woolworths:


For those who are really excited about product, there are exciting opportunities for Buyers based at Head Office who procure a balanced range of the most wanted goods for Woolworths.  For those with meticulous attention to detail and highly developed analytical skills, the Planning role offers great challenges.  Planners control and monitor the allocation of the right goods to the right store at the right time. For those who are innovative, creative and passionate about working with foods, the Selecting role offers great challenges.  Selectors develop product, drawing from international trends and customer needs.

a day in the life of a product developer:

The product developer of our sweets and snacks department gave us a glimpse into her working life.  She visits Belgium, Switzerland and Germany to explore their home-made chocolates.  She also attends the sweets fairs to examine trends and emerging concepts which are then adapted to meet our customer needs.  The product developer investigates the marketing opportunities and with innovative supply bases they develop concepts which lead the confectionery field in this country.  Our sweets product developer studied Food Nutrition before joining Woolworths on an apprenticeship.


For those who have high energy and motivation and are passionate about trading goods and providing exceptional customer service, then a career as a merchant in one of our stores is a fantastic opportunity. In our stores, there are exciting general management opportunities for passionate, talented and committed retailers who have the drive to make a successful career in this challenging and demanding field.  We have extensive training and mentoring for the right people who will be the leaders of the future.

a day in the life of a foods manager:

Talking to one of our foods managers at a Food stand alone is difficult as they never stand still!!  This is the face and home of Woolies and where our merchants put money in the till.  They are very busy dealing with early morning deliveries, ensuring the store is 100% ready for trade and ensuring our customers are part of the family – satisfied and happy shopping at Woolies.  The people component is part of everyday management, from recruiting and developing staff through to coaching and ensuring food supply chain disciplines are followed through.  With a number of stores opening, there are great opportunities for growth.



For those with specialist skills we offer a variety of challenging careers in this vital area of our business.  Systems are an essential part of our competitive edge in retail and we need talented employees to develop the future with us.  You would need relevant qualifications and experience and a drive to succeed.

a day in the life of an analyst programmer:

As an analyst programmer you day will involve a lot more than simply writing code.  Your day will be filled with testing and supporting systems, investigating queries or bugs and fixing them, testing functionality and analysing impacts of new changes on other systems.  Each day presents a variety of challenges, including providing the technical requirements for changes to existing systems.



Supply Chain forms the backbone of our business, and ensures the fast and efficient transport of goods from supplier to stores, supported by well-designed systems and processes.


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Monash SouthAfrica

Monash South Africa

Monash South Africa aims to play a part in helping the region meet its diverse social, economic and educational needs. Monash students are encouraged to use the skills they acquire to contribute to the communities and the world in which they live.

When enrolling at Monash South Africa you will:

  • Be part of an international community of Monash graduates who are highly sought after by employers worldwide for their skills, leadership qualities and civic commitment;
  • Enjoy the status, stability and infrastructure of a major, broad–based university;
  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification from an institution with outstanding global profile and prestige;
  • Add a valuable international perspective to your education;
  • Benefit from teaching that is informed by active research and industry links;
  • Experience personalised teaching and individual attention in small tutorial groups;
  • Use new technologies that will enhance your academic experience and broaden your learning options;
  • Become a member of an active and informed student population.

Monash believes that community and student life are as important as academic endeavour and achievement.

Monash values students’ contribution to the development of a secure and stimulating learning environment. We encourage our students to engage in formal and informal debate with lecturers.

Contact Address

Postal address

Monash South Africa
P/B X60
South Africa

Street address

Monash South Africa
144 Peter Road
South Africa

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TVI Express SouthAfrica

TVI Express South Africa

What happens when you match a product that is needed by everyone and sparks lifestyle with a Revolutionary, Proven and Easy to Follow System?

You get a Company that is literally doubling each month with extraordinary growth worldwide, and
life-changing wealth created by those taking advantage of the momentum.

Welcome to Travel Ventures International, the next Big Giant in the Direct Selling Industry.


During the next few minutes, you will discover a revolutionary out of the box system which will not just change the way you look at creating wealth, but also broaden your horizon about how Home Based Entrepreneurs are establishing Successful Businessesacross the globe.

And witness how our Distributors coming from different walks of life are making thousands of dollars a month, with a simple and effective system which is changing the entire industry.

1000’s of Real People in 150+ Countries are Earning Quiet Fortunes From Home.

It’s a fact: The Internet has produced more Millionaires than any other industry today and studies reveal that Online Companies can become Billion Dollar Businesses within two years; which brick and mortar companies have traditionally taken decades to achieve.

TVI Express is an emerging Company that possesses what it takes to hit and sustain momentum, and become the next billion-dollar success story. This is where legacy incomes and substantial wealth are created. With TVI Express’s Automated marketing system, you can explode your Business to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and claim your piece of success.

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Ghana Football Association

Ghana Football Association

The Ghana Football Association is the governing body of football (soccer) in Ghana, based in Accra.

It is on record that the game of Football was introduced into the Gold Coast towards the close of the 19th century by Merchants from Europe, who had then invaded the coastal areas and built forts and castles to enhance their trading activities either in merchandise or human cargo. The sailors at their leisure times played football among themselves and sometimes with a select side of the indigenous people. The popularity of the game spread like wild fire within a short time along the coast culminating in the formation of the first football club, EXCELSIOR in 1903 by Mr. Briton, a Jamaican born British, who was then Head Teacher of Philip Quaicoe Government Boys School in Cape Coast. As the popularity of the game grew, other clubs along the coast, namely: Accra Hearts of Oak, Cape Coast Venomous Vipers, Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarfs, Sekondi Hasaacas and Sekondi Eleven Wise all amateur clubs were formed.[edit]The Gold Coast Amateur Football AssociationIn 1952, the Government of the Gold Coast enacted Ordinance 14, establishing the Gold Coast Amateur Sports Council, which gave it legal authority to control all amateur Associations including Football. Indeed, as the popularity of the game spread throughout the entire country, the then existing clubs, towards the tail end of 1930, met and elected one Mr. Richard Akwei as their Chairman. However, towards the middle of 1950, the clubs, spearheaded by Mr. Ohene Djan accused Mr. Richard Akwei of maladministration, and a Chairman who was not up to the task of transforming Gold Coast Football to greater heights. They therefore addressed petitions to the Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Gordon Arden Clerke and the Pioneer Sports Organiser, Mr. Joseph Ranadurai, a Jamaican born British on the mal-administration of the Amateur Football Association headed by Mr. Akwei. While the petition was being addressed, Mr. Ohene Djan spear headed a “Football Revolution” and succeeded in toppling the Richard Akwei Administration in 1957.[edit]The Football Revolution – 1957The die was cast; Football Administration was given a new lease. Mr. Ohene Djan was elected General Secretary of the Association by the clubs. The Ghana Amateur Football Association was officially founded. Forward looking and dynamic as he was, he affiliated the Association to CAF and FIFA in 1958, in the same year respectively. He was instrumental in getting a Pharmaceutical Firm Merrs R.R. Harding and Company to sponsor the first FA cup competition among 8 clubs. In the same year he succeeded in securing the services of an ex-patriate Coach, Mr. George Ainsley for the National Team. Then in 1959, he succeeded again in organising the first National league before Ghana became a Republic on 1 July 1960.


Ghana Football Association Contact Details

P.O. BOX AN 19338

Telephone – Front Desk:

+233 302 660380
+233 302 660381
+233 302 660382
Telephone – General Secretary:

+233 302 660373


+233 302 668590
+233 302 666697
+233 302 665570

Ghana Football Association

General Information : info@ghanafa.org


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Ghana Statistical Service

Ghana Statistical Service

The Government of Ghana has received a grant from the European Union (EU) and the Department for International Development (DFID) to support the implementation of the Ghana Statistical Service Institutional Reform. The fund is being managed by the World Bank (WB) under the Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) for Statistical Development Project.
The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) intends to apply part of the funds under the project to engage Individual Consultants for the following positions in Accra.
Detailed Terms of Reference for each position can be found at the GSS website (www.statsghana.gov.gh) and UN Development Business online (UNDB online) (www.devbusiness.com).

The Office of the Government Statistician was established in 1948 and its functions, powers and responsibilities were formally incorporated in the Statistics Ordinance of 1950. As the services rendered by the Department increased, it became necessary to reorganize the statistical system and evolve a structure that would give adequate scope to the expansion of its responsibilities. In 1961, therefore, the Statistics Act (Act 37) established the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) as a Department under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.In 1985, the Statistical Service Law (PNDC Law 135) established the Statistical Service, which instrument had the effect of raising the status of the Central Bureau of Statistics from a Government Department under a Ministry to that of an autonomous, independent public service. The Law also established the Statistical Service Board as the governing body that reports to the presidency. The Law specifically:
  • provides for a Board to be the overall governing body to determine the form and nature of statistics to be collected and reported on, promote the effective use of statistics, stimulate research activities in all fields of statistics and advise the government on all matters relating to statistics;
  • vests in the Government Statistician the responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the GSS, the conduct of national surveys including censuses, and organization of a coordinated scheme of economic and social statistics relating to the country;
  • vests in the GSS the responsibility for the collection, compilation, analysis, publication and dissemination of official statistics in Ghana for general and administrative purposes;
  • prescribes for the GSS the role of coordination of all developments in statistics outside the GSS.

To view and apply for Jobs,

click here:

Ghana Statistical Service

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Vodafone Ghana: Jobs, Vacancies and Careers

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone in Ghana is one of the latest additions to Vodafone Group Plc, the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company. This follows the successful acquisition of 70% shares in Ghana Telecommunications Company (GT) for $900 million dollars by Vodafone International Plc on July 23, 2008.

Vodafone Group Plc is making significant in-roads in Africa and currently operates in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique. It has significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the United States through the company’s subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures, associated undertakings and investments.

Vodafone Group has more than 315 million customers, excluding paging customers, calculated on a proportionate basis in accordance with its percentage interest in these ventures. Operational in 31 countries, the company is ranked among the top 10 global companies by market capitalization.


Jobs and Careers Opportunity with Vodafone Ghana

Joining Vodafone Ghana gives you an opportunity to build your career in a dynamic, changing environment.

What kind of people do we look for at Vodafone Ghana? People who can demonstrate that they have the attitude and behaviours that can really add value to our business; that’s people who are highly focused on the customer, embrace innovation and are determined to succeed; in short it’s The Vodafone Way.

In return for your hard work and commitment, Vodafone offers an excellent remuneration package, a range of company benefits and a commitment to helping you maximise your performance.

Our scope of work ranges from technical to commercial, marketing to engineering, logistics to IT. Whatever your qualifications and areas of experience, look out for any vacancies that will be posted here when they arise.

How to Apply:

To apply to a vacancy please email your CV to careers.gh@vodafone.com stating the title of the vacancy you wish to apply for in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Due to strict visa restrictions, we regret that we can only accept applications from candidates who have the right to live and work in Ghana at this time.


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Zain Ghana Jobs, Careers, Vacancies

Zain Ghana

Airtel/Zain Ghana Careers

Welcome to Airtel Ghana.  We are an organization that prides itself on our brand and great customer experience.   This means we need great people who bring with them exceptional talent, a positive attitude, professionalism, commitment, and great customer service skills.   We strongly believe our success depends on our valued and happy customers and so we go all out to recruit and retain the best.  At Airtel Ghana, you will enjoy respect, recognition for hard work, opportunities to develop, job satisfaction and competitive remuneration.

We are looking for a diverse range of people to help us provide a wide range of services.  In return we will work with you to meet your career aspirations.

What types of roles are available?

Airtel Ghana offers a dynamic working environment in which you can build a career. There are a wide range of career opportunities with jobs across many different functional and product areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Network
  • Marketing
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Corporate Communication
  • Information Technology



Our success is built on the hard work and commitment of the people who work for us. To ensure you meet your full potential, we provide you with exceptional career development opportunities through our reputable strategic training partners


Airtel Ghana believes in remuneration, which is competitive as well as performance based.   In addition to product discounts and bonus incentives, we provide a ‘Total Rewards’ approach to compensation.

New graduates, middle level managers and senior level managers who are dynamic, highly motivated, have the right skills, experience and a positive attitude and would like to experience our world-class organization are welcomed to seek employment with us.

View and apply for our Zain Ghana Careers

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